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Sun, Jun. 29th, 2008, 01:56 pm
selfsucktimmy: Horse-HUNG!

Haven't posted in a while and I know how much you LJers love the huge cock. So here's some hot new pics of my massive dick and swollen balls. Would love to hear what you think of them. Don't forget to add me on Yahoo for live strip-stroke-n-selfsuck shows on cam and mic! My username is: horse_hung_timmy. Please tell me what you think of these!

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Sat, Jan. 12th, 2008, 03:04 pm
daveal1020: my fat cock cumming...

Let me know what you think... x-posted

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Wed, Jun. 6th, 2007, 03:02 pm
demonslayer: (no subject)

Hey I just joined so nothin to post as yet. Just sayin hi and stuff!

Sat, Jun. 2nd, 2007, 12:30 pm
ondabubble: gotta be others

geez i love to masturbate with other people but haven't found others
must be a way

Sat, Jun. 2nd, 2007, 10:57 am
ondabubble: (no subject)

Must be the air, the stimulatin, the other posts, all those folks having great orgasms - I've had one beautiful big oh oh oh every day now, this week. Thanks

Mon, Apr. 9th, 2007, 01:42 am
sexcben: (no subject)

So once again i found myself bored, lonely and horny...so i took these.....and yes, i have posted these on lots of communities..

I also did a few videos...but im not sure if anyone wanted to see them...

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